Sometimes, to follow our dreams, even the most unattainable ones, we just need some precise recommendations and the example of people who have already achieved it. If throughout 2020 you have thought that your opportunity could be in the world of technology, internet or video games.

Speak the language of business

In the technological world, most news, reviews, even instructional ones are more likely to be thought in English. In the current context of globalization, mastering the use of English is undoubtedly a key tool to facilitate your growth in this sector.

Know the industry

The antecedents of any subject are fundamental to identify the importance of the changes, even to understand the current processes. Therefore, all the material that you can find in books, magazines, films, events, upcoming releases, market leaders, among other aspects, can make you an expert and above all, help you come up with new ideas.

Start from the bottom

If you have an entrepreneurial idea, it is important to take into account that the most certain thing is that you will not be able to start in giant companies or with high positions; among other things, because it is practically impossible to access the means of production that can generate more performance. Therefore, a better idea is to bet on innovative creations that attract more people and can evolve.

No idea is too crazy

Many of the things we know today arose because someone managed to imagine them . It’s easier to try crazy ideas when you’re starting out and lose your fear of failure; If you have any flaws, surely your idea can be polished and take style until you reach enough creativity to create a viral product.

Define your training

Having knowledge of the full range of possibilities will give you a more precise notion of the profile that you may have in your idea or business. Even before deciding on a superspecialization you can use professional programs to put your skills to practice and endorse the knowledge for the companies you want to work for or the business you want to start.

In the case of the technology industry, there are currently several possibilities. Although technology was previously in the hands of some exclusively, today the development of the sector has led to the emergence of new companies , jobs, and therefore opportunities.